Schmitz Foam Products is the leading global supplier of shock absorption and drainage products, which are manufactured under the ProPlay brand. Schmitz Foam Products was established in 1935. Over the years, the organization developed a great deal of flexibility and thus easily adapts to changing circumstances. Superior quality, service, innovation, flexibility and reliability are highly valued. Schmitz Foam Products supplies its foam products worldwide in more than 70 countries. These are used in various market segments such as sports and fall protection. Sports benefiting most from a system with a good shock pad are full contact sports such as American football, rugby, Australian football, Gaelic games; semi contact sports such as soccer; and no contact sports such as padel, hockey and tennis. Besides mentioned sports ProPlay products are also used in equestrian sports (jumping, dressage and racetracks), fall protection for playgrounds, multi-sports fields, ski slopes and landscaping.

Our environment is constantly changing. That is why Schmitz Foam Products regularly introduces new products and applications in response to customer requirements, market developments and technical innovations. Whatever the question, we are ready to come up with a pragmatic and suitable solution. Thanks to a fully equipped laboratory with its own highly trained, skilled staff, research and development is entirely carried out in house. Our laboratory has all the equipment required to carry out the desired tests in accordance with international standards.

Schmitz Foam Products is committed to the high quality of both the product and the process. To guarantee the product quality, these PEX foam products are produced under the company's own control and constantly monitored during the production process. Thanks to raw material management, the end products are always of the same high quality. Quality standards are also expressed in the reliability of deliveries and services. Schmitz Foam Products aims at delivering the right product for the right application, in the right place and at the right time.